Helping loved ones cope with your migraine

We migraine sufferers may be the ones enduring the misery that comes with an attack but family, friends and colleagues often feel the impact too.

Almost all of us will at some point have been forced to cancel an important work meeting, miss a big family wedding or have to disappoint a child. Loved ones can become frustrated and their disappointment can over time, lead to resentment.

cope with your migraine

This in turn can lead us to feeling guilty and isolated. How can you help loved ones cope with your migraine?

By understanding that they may be suffering too we can take positive steps towards finding effective strategies to relieve stress all round.

Learning as much about our own condition as possible and educating others about just how severe migraine symptoms can be could help ease tension in personal relationships.

It can help to take a loved one to your next medical appointment so that they have an insight into your condition and have the opportunity to ask questions.

Using support resources like websites and information forums can also go some way to including family in what happens during an attack.

Perhaps the kindest thing we can do for a loved one might be to tell them honestly, how an attack makes us feel both physically and emotionally and what specifically they can do to help.

This can be a huge relief when all we really want to do is crawl under the duvet in peace, they will now know not to take it personally and we can let go of guilt and just focus on recovery.

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