Chewing Gum is Bad for Migraines

One of the less commonly known things that you can do to reduce your migraines is, apparently, to cut down on how much gum you chew.

Stepping in gum

As well as being an ongoing nemesis of pavements and the undersides of seats, chewing gum has been identified by a significant report as a cause of chronic headache in children and young people.

Where does this claim come from?

The report in question asked thirty teenagers to stop chewing gum for a one-month period. Of these, twenty-six reported that they had a significant amount of relief from their headaches. Nineteen of the thirty even said that their headaches were fully resolved following the cessation of chewing. Later on the habit was reintroduced to the participants and within days their headaches had returned.

Therefore, although not the cause of migraines, chewing gum may well make the headaches associated with them worse. With this in mind it might be an idea to ditch the gum…

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