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Why Migraine With Aura, and Migraine Without Aura, Matters

The majority of migraines sufferers do not experience migraines with aura, but around 25% of migraine sufferers do. A migraine aura usually lasts less than an hour, and commonly involves (with 99% of aura sufferers experiencing it) visual disturbances such … Continue reading

Migraine – Undertreated and Underfunded

The Eurolight study (or, to give it its full name; the Eurolight study on consultations and utilisation of migraine-specific medications as indicators of adequacy of medical care in Europe) was a cross-sectional questionnaire-based survey which was given to over 9000 … Continue reading

What is the European Headache and Migraine Trust International Congress?

There’s more than one charity out there with migraine in it’s title. Even more that say they help to tackle or to research migraines, but that may not immediately appear to do so if judged only on their names. Having … Continue reading