Bad Wolf = Bad Migraine Aura?

Doctor Who and Rose Tyler. The words ‘Bad Wolf’ haunt them throughout season one of the revamped Sci-Fi series, until finally we see in the final episode that it wasn’t one of the doctor’s many enemies who was to blame for the strange message but Rose herself.

Bad Wolf = Bad Migraine Aura?

In her efforts to reach him as he battles against the Daleks once more, Rose comes to absorb the energy from the heart of the Tardis and uses it to scatter the Bad Wolf message throughout history, leaving a trail for the pair of them to find.

But, human heads were not made to be filled with the universe. She’s surrounded by strange light, her vision is disturbed, she seems distant and detached from reality and she’s in pain – “my head…it’s killing me.”

Sounds like an aura migraine to us. What do you think?

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