Are Migraines Putting Women Off Pregnancy?


According to research published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings, almost 20% of women with migraines said that they avoided pregnancy specifically because of their migraines.


The researchers who reported the findings evaluated responses from women with migraines who took part in the American Registry for Migraine Research – an observational study which signed up participants from specialty headache clinics across the US. Between February 2016 and September 2019, 607 women with migraines completed questionnaires for the study.


Results found that, of the 19.9% of women who avoided pregnancy because of their migraines, 72.5% believed that their migraines would get worse during a pregnancy, 76% believed that their migraine medication would impact on their baby’s development, and 82.6% felt that their migraines would make raising a child more difficult. One shocking finding from the questionnaire results was that 72.7% of the women who avoided pregnancy were worried that the child would have an increased risk for migraines

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