Anti-Migraine Lens Mesh

If you work in front of a screen for a lot of the time, and you also suffer from migraines, you probably know all too well how incompatible screens and migraines can be. One option is to avoid too much screen-time, but if you have a job that’s centered around computers, what can you do?

Anti-Migraine Lens Mesh

Well, you could opt for a screen filter which clips over your computer or laptop. These are relatively inexpensive (you can find quite a few different styles online for around the £50 mark) but they do also rely on you only using one screen, or moving the filter from screen to screen. This isn’t always possible. Particularly not if you share computers, don’t always use the same one, or if the screen is too big for the filter.

One lens company came up with a potential solution. Vista-Mesh has been around for quite a few years, but isn’t that well known. It’s a blend of two technologies which combines an optical mesh filter and a contrast filter to reduce flickering, sharpen contrasts, and reduce eye strain.

The mesh is incredibly fine, so it doesn’t affect vision, but it does seem to help reduce eye strain in a variety of situations. As well as helping with issues such as difficulty with night driving and feelings of motion sickness, it’s also been effective for some migraine sufferers in reducing the severity and frequency of their migraine attacks.

Vista-Mesh isn’t going to help everyone, but if you find that screens are a problem for you then it may be worth asking your optician about trying a pair of Vista-Mesh glasses, or over-glasses, to see if they could help.

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