Acupuncture and Migraines Reviewed

Alternative and complementary therapies are an ongoing debate when it comes to migraine treatment and pain reduction. With this in mind, a group of researchers have recently conducted a systematic review of the evidence which supports the use of acupuncture as an effective treatment for the relief of migraine pain. The researchers looked at the results from almost 5000 patients within 22 separate studies, all of which compared acupuncture treatment with other preventative migraine treatments.


The researchers found that there was at least a 50% reduction in headache for the acupuncture patients and that at two months there was a notable drop in headache frequency when compared to routine care or drug treatment. There were also similar positive results for tension type headaches and chronic headaches which were treated with acupuncture. However, the findings were not consistent in longer trial periods.

The researchers concluded that, given the pluses and minuses, acupuncture would be a good method for those who don’t deal well with drugs, and that, since it has such a low risk of side effects, it would be a good complementary therapy to use alongside other migraine treatments.

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