A New Migraine Simulator

“I know how you feel. I had a headache the other day and it was awful!”

Sound familiar? It certainly does to us. The number of people who think that a migraine is just ‘a really bad headache’ is pretty staggering and, even without the crippling agony of migraine itself, can be a real pain! Well, now all those people who claim to know how you feel despite never having had a migraine can get a little closer to finding out what it’s really like, with a new migraine simulator.

A New Migraine Simulator

Recently the world’s first augmented reality migraine simulator called ‘The Migraine Experience’ was launched. The wearer does not receive the pain that goes with migraines, but does experience flashing lights, floating blurred spots, unfocused vision, and other disturbing aura symptoms which many migrainers have to deal with during an attack.

Some of the first people to try it out were the family and friends of four real-life migrainers. They were asked to wear the simulator and at the same time try doing everyday activities such as travelling on trains or going to a restaurant. The result was understanding people who suffer with migraines on a whole new level. The boyfriend of one migraine sufferer said that he’d had to stop due to the overwhelming nature of the simulation and told his girlfriend that he was “sorry for ever doubting” her.

Anyone wishing to try the simulation for themselves is able to download “The Migraine Experience” app and experience it using Google Cardboard.

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