Cooking Up A (Migraine Free) Storm

One of the most effective ways to help prevent migraines is to avoid eating foods that commonly trigger attacks. The big problem with this being that so much of the food that we can buy contains substances that are linked to causing migraines. Most ready meals contain high levels of salt, preservatives and dairy products, and even simple soups can be off limits after checking out their list of ingredients. When you start to look you soon see that there are huge numbers of recipes and meals that are off limits to migraine sufferers.

Cooking Up A (Migraine Free) Storm

Happily help is at hand as Michelle Strong has recently released a new cookery ebook called “The Migraine Diet Cookbook”, dedicated to helping sufferers avoid triggers while still eating delicious food. The book contains over fifty recipes, ranging from sauces and sides, to main meals and desserts, all of which either substitute or avoid using any of the common migraine triggers. 

If you love cooking, or simply struggle to find meals which are safe to eat, then this might be a good book to have a look at.

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