The Homeopathic Method

There is no denying that homeopathy has a lot of controversy surrounding it. A huge number of studies have been done and many claim to show strong scientific evidence of its efficacy, similarly there are many claiming to the efficacy is circumstantial or that positive-resulting studies had flaws.

The Homeopathic Method

Whatever the case may be, homeopathy continues to have a strong following. For some migraine sufferers who have found that the conventional treatments they’ve tried in the past have been unsuccessful, homeopathy has been a real saving grace. If you want to give it a try then each type of migraine; throbbing, stabbing, period, has a different recommended treatment to take.

Atropa belladonna – Not a great reputation on the surface of things given that it’s also known as deadly nightshade, but then again, homeopathy is based on using trace strains of poisonous substances to stimulate the immune system so what can you expect? Belladonna is good for throbbing headaches that come on all at once along with light and sound sensitivity.

Bryonia – A perennial, climbing flowering plant popular with butterflies and moths. Bryonia is noted as being particularly good for migraine sufferers who also experience touch sensitivity, nausea, irritability and constipation.

Nux vomica – As the name suggests, like Bryonia, this is another good one for sufferers of nausea and vomiting. It is also suggested for people who experience severe “hole-in-the-head” type pain and dizziness.

Kali bichromicum – If when a migraine strikes your instant thought is to find a warm dark room and comfort food in order to gain relief then this one is for you. Similarly if you also get sinus congestion and the pain you experience is aching and positioned on the forehead/ behind the eyes.

Natrum muriaticum – This is perhaps the homeopathic treatment prescribed most often to migraine sufferers, especially those with migraines which are linked to their menstrual cycle. If you feel emotional, weak and as if a mallet is hitting you repeatedly on the head then this is the go-to homeopathic substance.

Spigelia – For those who hate the cold weather and the stinging, burning pain it entails, generally in the left side of the head.

There’re lots of specialised formulations to experiment with, which you can do so without worrying too much as homeopathic side effects are few and do not harm, poison or create addiction. Even though Bryonia might not work for you, Spigelia might so it could be worth looking into.

Then again, perhaps it’s just the placebo effect, or perhaps not, but does it really matter why so long as it makes the pain go away?

DISCLAIMER – When using any medication, always read the label and make sure you keep all medicines out of reach of children. The information supplied within this online resource is brought to you by Imigran Recovery Tablets (contains sumatriptan) for migraine relief, from a variety of author sources including health care professionals, lifestyle experts and the general public. None of the published authors endorse any brands.

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