Migraine medication – Imigran Recovery case study

Sandra Elvin

Aged 55

You name it and I’ve tried it. Anything to beat my migraines! I’ve had 18 months of acupuncture, reflexology, seen a faith healer, taken beta-blockers and taken various kinds of painkillers. Nothing would work! When the pain became unbearable, there were times when I even had to be given a morphine injection!

Sandra Elvin

On a Friday night I would start to feel sensations on the left side of my head and I would crave sweet foods. Shortly afterwards I would be overcome with pain and sickness. By Sunday night, they would be over, leaving me ready to go to work again, exhausted from pain. I would have done anything to get rid of them. At its worse, the pain was bad as childbirth!

More than half my weekends would be plagued by days of hellish pain. I would spend days in bed, lying in a darkened room while life carried on around me. My friends could never rely on me to make any event because, more often than not, I would be ill.

My job was a primary school teacher, so naturally the doctor diagnosed my migraine trigger as stress. He said that when I began to relax and release the stress from the week, it triggered them.

A few years ago I saw an osteopath, which was a great help! Working on my neck and back, my body imbalances were uncovered and corrected.

I also started taking migraine medication, Imigran Recovery. If I take some as soon as I start showing symptoms, it will dissipate the migraine.

I never leave the house without some in my bag, just in case! I get it over the counter at the pharmacy and make sure I’m never caught short – I don’t know what I’d do without it!

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