Sorry For Being A Pain In Pain

Your head feels like it is going to burst from pressure, the smallest shaft of light blinds and you generally feel like crud. It’s hardly surprising that you are going to be, to put it mildly, a bit grumpy. So how to sooth troubled waters after you’ve lashed out at the people around you while you were in the grips of migraine pain.

Sorry For Being A Pain In Pain

First off is to say sorry; an obvious one but a very important one. It’s not your fault you get migraines and if you explain what the problem was they’ll more than likely be sympathetic and all will be forgiven. Apologising in person is best but if that isn’t possible or you don’t know what to say then try writing them a card.

Next do something nice for them. A meal out, a big hug, let them pick the next film you watch. There are plenty of things you can do to show you care. Food is a great way to go as well. Maybe try spelling out a message in toppings on a pizza, make a cake and write that you are sorry in icing or maybe commission Thorntons to put your message on a chocolate heart. It’ll taste delicious and hopefully they’ll share it with you.

Whatever you choose to do they’re sure to appreciate the effort you’ve put in to smooth things over.

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