A Scorpion Toxin And A Chronic Pain Breakthrough?

Researchers at UC San Francisco and the University of Queensland may have recently made a key discovery when it comes to relieving chronic pain. In fact, these scientists think that it may, in time, lead to the creation of new kinds of non-opioid pain relievers.

A Scorpion Toxin And A Chronic Pain Breakthrough?

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Tickling” Your Vagus Nerve – Not Just A Migraine Benefit

Doctors have been trying to treat migraines for centuries. One of the very early treatments called trepanation even involved drilling a hole in the patient’s skull to relieve pressure and eliminate “bad spirits”!

Tickling” Your Vagus Nerve – Not Just A Migraine Benefit

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A Link Between Migraines and Early Puberty

It’s a well-cited fact that up until the age of puberty, there are more boys who suffer from migraines than there are girls. After puberty, the number of males suffering from migraines is much lower than the number of females; with as many as three times the number of women suffering from migraines as compared to men.

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Natural Remedies for Aiding Migraine Relief

There are lots of medications available for treating migraines, but for whatever reason, whether to supplement over-the-counter or prescribed medications, some migraines sufferers like to use natural treatments or alternative therapies in order to treat their migraines. These are a few of those natural treatments which are often opted for.

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Weather and Migraines – Correlation or Causation?

Many migraine sufferers say that one of their migraine triggers is changes in the weather, in particular, changes in temperature, humidity and pressure. However, a study which was published in 2004 in ‘Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain’ found that the influence which the weather has upon migraine sufferers may not be as strong as some sufferers believe.

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Migraine – Undertreated and Underfunded

The Eurolight study (or, to give it its full name; the Eurolight study on consultations and utilisation of migraine-specific medications as indicators of adequacy of medical care in Europe) was a cross-sectional questionnaire-based survey which was given to over 9000 participants across ten European countries. It was looking to illustrate the current burden and impact of migraine within Europe. It went on to show just how underfunded and undertreated migraine is.

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